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How the same pint of Guinness can cost DOUBLE

How the same pint of Guinness can cost DOUBLE

There's only one acceptable beverage to be chugged on upcoming St Patrick's Day - but your pint of Guinness may cost you more than double what it does in other parts of the UK and Ireland.

New research exclusively shared with FEMAIL reveals that while a pint in London or Dublin can cost more than £5, one pub in Newport, Wales, sells the same amount of booze for just £2.40.

A pint of the famous Irish dry stout can vary by up to 117 per cent depending on your postcode, with prices varying by up to 74 per cent even in the same cities.

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive pint of Guinness is sold in London at a whopping £5.20, according to research published by job website CV-Library.

But Guinness's native Dublin is also a pricey place to buy the beer, with the most expensive pint selling for £5.10.

For the cheapest drink, head to Newport or Derry in Northern Ireland, where the pint sells for just £3.35 on average. 

Other bargain booze locations include Dundee in Scotland, where the average pint sells for £3.55, Lisburn in Northern Ireland or Cardiff in Wales, where the drinks sells for £3.65 on average.

Dundee is another cheap location for Guinness, with the cheapest pint selling for just £3.05.

Birmingham and London were found to have the greatest variance, with prices changing by up to £1.95, depending on the watering hole of choice. 

The priciest pint in London costs more than half what a worker on the living wage (£10.20) makes in an hour. 

This was closely followed by Newport, Wales (£1.60) and the Northern Irish cities of Lisburn (£1.55) and Belfast (£1.35).

Wales had the biggest fluctuation in cost by country, with prices varying by up to £2.10, while the Irish had the least variance, with prices ranging between £3.85 and £5.10.

The analysis looked at the price of a pint of Guinness in more than 200 pubs across 20 different cities in the UK and Republic of Ireland.