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Incredible moment Russian tourist gives birth in the Red Sea

Incredible moment Russian tourist gives birth in the Red Sea

This is the incredible moment a newborn baby was carried from the Red Sea in Egypt after a Russian tourist gave birth in the water.

Stunned onlookers in the resort town of Dahab, north of Sharm el-Sheikh, captured the woman's partner and father emerging from the waves carrying the newborn.

Moments later the mother also emerged from the water looking perfectly calm before being reunited with her child.

The images went viral after being posted on social media over the weekend.

It is not clear whether the woman was intending to give birth in the ocean or whether the delivery was unexpected.

While the older man is believed to be her father, some sources suggested he was a doctor, suggesting the birth was planned. 

The images were captured from a nearby balcony, and it is unclear if the family know they have been photographed.

The mother's identity has not been revealed, nor has the condition of the child - though both appeared happy and healthy after the delivery. 

Those sharing the images said the woman had gone for a swim before going into labour, before her partner and father went out to help her.

The pair helped to deliver the baby before carrying it out of the water with the umbilical cord still attached with the placenta placed into a bowl.

Commenters on social media praised the 'beauty' and 'ease' of the water birth.