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Baby put to sleep using tissue paper

Baby put to sleep using tissue paper

As any parent knows, getting your baby to sleep can be a very arduous task. But for this dad, it's as simple as reaching for the tissues.

This adorable video, shot in 2015, shows parents from Sydney, Australia putting their baby to sleep in under one minute with the help of a sheet of tissue paper.

The footage shows 3-month-old Seth in his cot lively and alert until dad Nathan Dailo sends him to sleep by gently stroking the infant's face with tissue paper until he begins to close his eyes.

Nathan later posted the video of the parenting hack on his Youtube Channel with the caption: 'I'm sure every parent tries new things to put their little one to sleep.'

'Watch as my wife and I put our 3 month old baby boy, Seth, to sleep in under a minute using nothing but a piece of tissue paper.' 

The video has garnered more than 12.5 million views and is likely to have been a hit with exhausted parents all over the world.