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Noel Edmonds confronted over remarks about negativity causing cancer

Noel Edmonds confronted over remarks about negativity causing cancer

An awkward exchange between Victoria Derbyshire and Noel Edmonds over his controversial opinions around the causes behind cancerhas been branded a 'car crash' by cringeing viewers.  

Noel, 69, who sparked controversy in 2016 when he suggested in a tweet that a cancer patient's illness might have been caused by their negative attitude, was quizzed by the journalist - herself a cancer survivor - who asked if he realised it 'was a horrible thing to say something'. 

The TV presenter, who is in remission from prostate cancer after his diagnosis in 2013, was also asked if he thought all cancers could be caused by a negative attitude, he replied that he couldn't because he is 'not a doctor'.

This prompted Derbyshire to retort: 'Exactly.'  

Viewers at home said their terse exchange, punctuated by long silences, was 'incredibly uncomfortable' to watch.  

In 2016, Noel tweeted a photo of a Swiss made device he said 'tackles cancer'. When it was criticised by a fellow patient he fired back:  'Scientific fact-disease is caused by negative energy. Is it possible your ill health is caused by your negative attitude? #explore'.'

Today, Derbyshire brought up the controversial tweet to ask Noel if he regrets it, but he claimed he only had regrets that the cancer patient was trying to confront him.

When the journalist asked him if he realised it was a 'horrible thing to say to someone', he defended his words, claiming he'd been 'perfectly reasonable'.

'Do you not think it would upset that person?' she went on.

Noel denied that he meant any offence by it, pointing out: 'I asked a question, I wasn't making a diagnosis Victoria.

'You could come at the other way, that somebody should think to themselves: ''Actually that's quite a good point, am I in this situation because I've created a negative energy about my being?'' and that could be construed as a positive thing.'

Noel used his own illness as an example, as he was diagnosed with cancer not long after he went bankrupt.

He said: 'It is a medical scientific fact that stress can contribute to a wide range of diseases we have a health epidemic is it that anything to do with the very stressful way that people live their lives? Scientists say yes.

'It manifests itself in different ways but for me when I got that diagnosis I looked back and thought ''Right I know how this has come about?'' I was determined from that awful moment when I had to tell Liz (his wife) yes I have cancer that I would come at it with a smile on my face, befriend my tumour.'

When Derbyshire asked him if all cancers could be caused by negativity, he said no. 

She asked him to clarify which ones, and when he said: 'I don't know, I'm not a doctor,' she fired back: 'Well, exactly.'

The studio fell into an awkward silence before Noel asked what point she was making.

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their discomfort at the interview, with one calling it a 'car crash'.

One tweeted: 'How terrible that Noel Edmonds isn’t bothered about upsetting cancer survivors with his narrow minded views. Such rude behaviour from him.'

'Looks like Noel Edmonds has p****d her off,' another posted.

A third said: 'Sparks flew between Victoria and Noel has he upset her over cancer chatting.'

Noel previously claimed he had 'tackled' cancer with his £2,300 yoga mat, adding that 'stress' and 'outside forces can trigger cancer'.