March 13, 2018 03:37:16by

ISIS brutes chop off hand of 'thief' in Syria

ISIS brutes chop off hand of \'thief\' in Syria

This is the sickening moment ISIS brutes used a meat cleaver to chop a prisoner's hand off in public.

The blindfolded man, who had been accused of theft, was led into a square south of the capital Damascus and had his right hand tied to a chopping block.

Bearded fanatics hold him down before a rod is used to hammer down on a blade placed on the back of his hand. 

Pictures show a crowd of men and boys watching on while militants wave black and white ISIS flags.

The brutal punishment has often been used by ISIS thugs to strike fear into the dwindling number of communities they control. 

ISIS has previously shared a list of 'crime and punishment' for carrying out crimes in its territory and it states that those who commit theft will have their hands chopped off.

It also stated that adulterers who engage in a sexual relationship are to be stoned to death, while couples who have an affair without sexual contact can expect the more lenient punishment of 100 lashes and 'banishment' from the community.

Those guilty of 'highway robbery' face crucifixion and offences such as drinking wine or 'calumny' - making slanderous comments - each attract the punishment of 80 lashes.

Homosexuality is also to be punished by 'death for the penetrator and the receiver'. Horrifying images have shown men accused of being homosexuals being thrown to their death from tall buildings.

The gruesome propaganda photos are an attempt by the depraved militant group to reinforce its rule of fear.