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Terrifying moment a woman is swept off a mountain by landslide

Terrifying moment a woman is swept off a mountain by landslide

Videos of a woman being swept away by a landslide on a mountain pass are being widely circulated after new footage suggests that she invited it on.

Santusa Nina Huallpa was swept over the side of a mountain by a forceful landslide in Huancarani, Paucartambo Province, in the southern highlands of Peru.

The 36-year-old's death was seen by several onlookers, with her remains later found buried under earth and stones by National Police in the community of Huayllatambo.

A new video taken by an eyewitness several yards away from where Huallpa was standing shows that she was aware of the onrushing landslip and seemingly beckoned it on.  

In the footage, hundreds of people are gathered on a mountain road after earlier landslides made it hard to cross.

Huallpa is seen standing in front of the ravine with her arms raised, shouting at the moving earth mass.

Onlookers call her several times and shout 'be careful' and 'lady, it is all going to fall', but she pays no attention. 

She even moves her footing slightly so that she is directly under the landslide's path.

The mudslide can be heard falling from the mountain in front of Huallpa and she waits for it with her arms raised. However, the earth falls short.

The second wave of earth comes and engulfs the woman, sending her over the edge of the mountain.

Local media suggested that she was drunk at the time, while some believe she was of sound mind and knew exactly what she was doing. 

The region had been affected by heavy rains in the days leading up to the landslide.

The woman's body was taken to a morgue in Urcos while local authorities closed roads in the area to avoid a further tragedy.