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UK braced for ‘Beast from the East 2.0’

UK braced for ‘Beast from the East 2.0’

The UK is set to be hit by a second 'Beast from the East' with heavy rain, sleet and snow expected by the end of the week.

Cold air is sweeping in from Siberia and Scandinavia, with the Met Office set to issue warnings for snow over large parts of the country.

Today, yellow warnings for heavy rain have been issued with the Environment Agency releasing flood alerts for the south west of England and Northern Ireland. 

It comes less than two weeks after the 'Beast from the East' and Storm Emma wreaked havoc across Britain and Ireland - causing mayhem on the roads and rail networks.

Met Office spokesperson, Nicky Maxey, told MailOnline: 'There are rain warnings in place at the moment across the country, but especially in the south west and Northern Ireland.

'They can expect up to 50mm (1.9ins) of rain in some isolated areas.

'There is also a chance of strong winds in the west of the country. As we get closer to the weekend, colder air will see the temperatures drop considerably.

'It will bring snow showers, but at this stage we cannot predict how much or whether it will cover the ground.

'We do expect later in the week for there to be snow warnings.' 

Temperatures will reach as high as 57F (14C) in London tomorrow but conditions will turn chilly at the weekend as colder air arrives sees the mercury plunge as low as -3C (27F).   

Wednesday will have light and patchy rain, though more persistent and possibly wintry in Scotland. Thursday will then be very wet again with a band of rain moving in from the west that will track across the UK through the day. 

Conditions will then fall to 10C (50F) on Friday and 8C (46F) on Saturday and Sunday, with overnight lows of -3C (27F) possible along with a widespread frost over the weekend.

Parts of Britain enjoyed a mild weekend with Wiggonholt in West Sussex reaching 15.3C (60F) on Sunday, one day after Kew Gardens in South West London got to the same temperature on Saturday.  

The yellow warning for rain tomorrow states: Strong south east winds will bring a period of persistent, occasionally heavy rain Wednesday afternoon and into Thursday morning. 

'Flooding of a few homes and businesses is possible while some flooding of roads may result in longer journey times and disruption to bus and rail services. 

'The southeast winds may also prove an additional hazard with delays for high sided vehicles on exposed routes and delays to air and ferry transport.'