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Families clash outside court after driver who killed teenage boy walks free

Families clash outside court after driver who killed teenage boy walks free

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Angry protests erupted outside a court after an unlicenced driver who hit and killed a teenage boy walked free.

Ayou Deng was sentenced to 80 hours of community service after the death of the teen.

Jalal Yassine-Naj, 13, was killed while out skateboarding in Melbourne in March last year.

But after the incident was deemed an accident the mother-of-seven was never charged, Nine News reports.

Deng was ordered to carry out community service for unlicenced driving, together with unrelated unlawful assault and criminal damage offences.

But as she walked free from court , vile abuse was hurled at her by members of a far-right group called the True Blue Crew.

Kane Miller, a member of the group, yelled: "If her family wasn't on the road the boy would still be alive."

Another person shouted: "kid killer" as she drove off out of the court car park.

Others raised up their middle finger at Deng.

Conservative MP Rachel Carling-Jenkins was also outside court and was critical of Victoria's judicial system.

And Jalal's mum, Olivia Yassine, also questioned why Deng was never charged and said she will appeal the decision.

Talking to Nine news she said: "I want it to be acknowledged that she killed a person - my son - and she ran over him. And she did wrong.

"You do the crime, you do the time."

She added: "I will fight for my son. It doesn't matter what it takes. I will get answers out of this and I will appeal it."