March 13, 2018 03:43:27by

Amazon is reportedly bringing Alexa to businesses soon

Amazon is reportedly bringing Alexa to businesses soon

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels told Axios in an interview that Alexa "will greatly improve by being exposed to different kinds of statements or conversations." This is because we have different kinds of conversations at work than we do at home. Exposing Alexa to this new type of environment will broaden the virtual assistant's skills and responses.

The company has already gotten started on Alexa for Business. Challenges include finding a way for Alexa to integrate with enterprise software, as well as providing a framework for businesses to write custom skills for the voice assistant.

Right now, businesses can use Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana, and it's unclear how this venture will affect Amazon's partnership with Microsoft. The two had previously been working on a way for Alexa and Cortana to communicate with one another by the end of 2017. However, there have been no updates on that front for awhile, and this new development may signal the end of any partnership between the two.